We have over 30 years’ experience of analysing business workflows and converting them into digital processes in a cost-effective way. We write bespoke software that is tailored to each company’s requirements. We build modular systems that can always be extended later on with future enhancements and carry on growing with the company.

Time and time again we have seen the great impact that custom made software makes, once put in place correctly. It enhances customer satisfaction, staff efficiency, cost reduction and thus creates business growth.

We find that a lot of SME owners and managers are not aware of the quick and cost-effective solutions that companies like ours can provide. Examples for such bespoke solutions are: Booking systems, Order systems, e-learning platforms, Training systems etc. Those systems can incorporate built-in integrations with other third-party systems to deliver efficient, single ‘point of truth’ management platforms.

Bespoke software development life cycle includes the following phases:

Other services

CM System Designs successfully converted our manual booking process into a comprehensive, centralised, efficient online system. We named it BMS (Booking Management System). The BMS gives us a clear overview of the state of all our artist bookings across all of our venues at any given time including real-time financial reports.

It has helped us save time, and therefore money by automating many time-consuming and repetitive tasks. It also allows artists, agents and venue managers to interact with it 24x7 at their preferred time.

The BMS has taken our well-tested booking process which has been lovingly developed over more than 10 years by our experienced music programmers, centralised it and made it more efficient and robust. This allows our music team to spend more time on finding and booking great artists for our venues.

Ross Dines

Ross Dines Music Manager, PizzaExpress

How we can help?

We have over 30 years of experience helping clients in and around East Sussex improve the efficiency & profitability of their business processes.

Whether you already have a digital strategy in place or you would like us to help you set it up, we will plan, design and build bespoke web-based solutions that will implement your strategy according to your business requirements, priorities and available budgets.

We develop smart business management systems that are built around people and processes, each application is custom-tailored to the unique requirements of the business. Our solutions are built in a modular and staged way to minimise disruption and allow staff and customers to get used to new processes.

Our systems are not fixed in time, following the prinipals of Continuous Improvement, they are built to grow with your business requirements.