We can provide an e-commerce solution with any of the leading payment gateways. After gathering all the requirements for a new application, we will design and build the best solution for each project, using the appropriate components. We could integrate 3rd party components into our application in a seamless way so that the client will get the full benefits in one centralised solution. We can offer our clients any combination of E-commerce functionality according to their requirements and budgets, here are some common E-commerce functions:

Other services

CM System Designs recently produced our new website, which has already received some very good feedback from our clients and customers, since going live in January.

Our site is a little unusual because it has to combine a good ecommerce platform with the educational side of our work.

They took the time to drive up to our offices in Buckinghamshire and spent time looking at our process and products; and finding out how we work and getting a feel for the ethos of the work we are involved in. They then produced a proposal for us, which took into account the fact that our budget was not huge for what was actually a pretty big project. Their knowledge and experience made it possible to come up with a workable plan of action.

I am happy to recommend CM System Designs to other businesses who are looking for reliable, creative and knowledgeable people to create bespoke systems ranging from those that are relatively simple for sole traders and small business, right up to big corporations who need complex solutions for their businesses.

Lesley Taylor-Brett

Lesley Taylor-Brett MD, BALANCE International

How we can help?

Whether you already have a digital strategy in place or you would like us to help you set it up, we will plan, design and build bespoke web-based solutions that will implement your strategy according to your business requirements, priorities and available budgets.

We develop smart business management systems that are built around people and processes, each application is custom-tailored to the unique requirements of the business. Our solutions are built in a modular and staged way to minimise disruption and allow staff and customers to get used to new processes.

Our systems are not fixed in time, following the prinipals of Continuous Improvement, they are built to grow with your business requirements.